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Cabinet and Drawer Refacing
Cabinet and Drawer Refacing
Cabinet and Drawer Refacing

Cabinetwork's mission is to provide a high quality refaced kitchen to its customers at a fair price.

Your kitchen will be installed in less than one week using factory trained professionals with a minimum amount of disruption and mess. To support our customer commitment, Cabinetworks will warranty all applied material cabinets and cabinet doors for 1 year after completion.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is the perfect solution for homeowners that are satisfied with their current kitchen layout but want to upgrade their existing cabinets or make a change in the lay out.

Professional installers remove all of your existing door and drawer fronts, drawer boxes and hardware, leaving only the cabinet frames intact. Your selection of brand new cabinet doors and drawer fronts are installed directly over the existing cabinet frame.

Best of all, Cabinet Refacing is an affordable kitchen makeover that delivers stunning results in just 3-5 days (compared to a full remodel that could take months to complete).

Don't Replace It, Reface It!

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The Sales Representative was very nice, efficient, and knew what he was doing.  The installers were wonderful, they really knew their “stuff”.  Quick, efficient and terrific. "made a silk purse out of a sow's ear". I love my new cabinets, they look better than the ones I purchased from Lowe's.